Saturday, 23 November 2013

The state of being connected.
Relate - to establish association
How important is this in your life?  Is it a priority to establish association, to be connected. Or is it more important to get your opinion heard and understood  or make a point so someone gets it!
We seem to have deeper relationships with inanimate objects than we do with people.
Don't touch my stuff, respect my things, take your shoes off you'll spoil the carpet, don't eat on my couch, that's my special necklace. We need a new car, better house, speed boat, coffee machine, winter wardrobe Bla Bla  Bla. Then my life will be complete!
We have to work hard to service all this stuff, clean it, store it, insure it and buy more so we can negative gear, making the stuff more useful. Quite exhausting and not very nourishing.
Where is the true connection. The relationships we long for are hidden under this false illusion of happiness. So little time left to nurture intimacy and the state of being connected.
When we are tired our tolerance is lower and expectations higher. We imagine it is someone else's duty to meet our expectations. Is this what our partners, friends, children should do? Accommodate our beliefs, our issues? Many of these behaviours, beliefs are moulded from our early experiences in life. Do they hold our fears to make us feel better, safe, loved? Are these the conditions of our love, our relationships?

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