Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meaning and Purpose
What is Spirituality. What brings your Spirit to the All. What connects you to Life, gives you meaning?
Is it your Beliefs, your Values, your deepest Needs.
Only you know what makes you feel whole.
Not as you rush and Do, not as you think and talk
But in the Stillness of this moment, when their is no distraction, no diversion.  For only here everything reveals itself, the pain, the discomfort, the longings, the emptiness.
Beyond the superficial expressions of the ego is peace and pure trust in the essence of life.  The perfection of this moment and how we are here, all the time.  There is no coming to or being in or working towards this moment, Now. It is present in every breath, every sound, every action as we become more aware of what we do to stay out of this state.
We contemplate, complain, blame, discuss, argue, fight with the superficial layers of consciousness to bounce around in the muck.  Instead we could rest, listen, humble, simplify with the discipline of mindfulness and practice loving kindness to firstly ourselves and eventually others.
Practice listening, practice stillness, practice caring for your true nature.
To move forward, we must be still.
Forward is an illusion created by the ego to keep us from feeling a true sense of self.  We have been trained from an early age to move away from our true nature.
Our Culture is one of Fear.  Firstly we need to contact the fear that inhibits us so we can take care of it and transform it.  Like a small child lost in the dark, we need to find them and take their hand to guide them to the light. Assure them that they are safe and Life is supportive.
To find them we need to be still and listen with all our senses.
Physical - sound, sight, touch smell taste
Emotional - vibrations, contraction, intensity
Mental - patterns and formations of thought, intensity
Spiritual - deep feelings, knowing, trust in Life
As Tich Nhat Hahn says "Be still and Know"
Practice stillness day to day through mindful movements and action
Meditation.  Ask yourself what you need
Listen and nurture the aspects of you that need support.

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