Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Building a strong Foundation

Building a strong Foundation for Life
Any real structure requires a strong Foundation.
We cannot imagine that we will have resilience for the challenges of life if lunch is a pie and soft drink and enjoyment is slothing around judging people and projecting our frustration on the pet.
We were born into a body so lets begin by respecting its amazing capacity to be healthy and stop testing it and support the process of life. A mystery.
"Do you know what your kidneys are doing right now" I thought so...
What you do know is that its good to be in the body and living life.
Sit with this thought for a while. Bring your awareness to the saying  "I love my body"

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  1. Very powerful words Linda Lou !! I miss your words and our talks we share at our family kitchen table. Not long now until we return home, however many adventures still to come :) I love you to the moon and back, beautiful thoughts and writing on a beautiful blog X